Safety is our number one priority here at Spitspot. Please ensure you read the following so that with a few simple steps, keeping our items safe.

- Please never leave young children alone with the our clips or items though we take pride in ensuring our items are handmade to the highest quality, they are that indeed, made by hand, and always use with adult supervision. Spitspot crochet is not suitable as an unsupervised toy.

- Please thoroughly check your Spitspot products before use to ensure that there are no defects or sign of wear, before supervising the use of said product.

- Our dummy clips are thread on extra strong cotton 1.5cm thick ribbon cord. Which is quick drying, so that lovely baby dribble won't hang around for long or weaken our clips. They NEVER measure more than 22cm (excluding the clip) due to safety reasons.

- Our dummy clips can withstand well over 10kg of weight before snapping again complying to the safety and regulations

- The materials used to embellish the clips are wood, acrylic wool, polyfil, safety eyes.

- Measurements: 10mm x 10mm

- Material: wood

- Manufactured in Germany in accordance with EN71-1, EN71-3, EN71-9 safety rules, therefore satisfying the legal requirements.

The above snippet is from our supplier of our wooden beads.

Our supplier of yarn is stylecraft, we use the DK brand and this is 100% acrylic, the care label offers information on safety of product too.

The safety eyes are extremely difficult to remove without the use of heavy duty tools once the backs are in place on the animals, however since it’s attached to the crochet itself the item should never be left unsupervised.

Our dummy/ teether clips comply to EN12586.